Financing mechanisms for PPPG

The Group advocates for the effective integration of the newly-created Global Fund Pandemic Fund with existing financial intermediary funds, chief among them – the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. In a world where a growing number of multilateral organizations now competes within a limited pool of resources, Group members find that it is important to raise awareness to the issue of unnecessary duplication of efforts in global health and pandemic prevention. 

We believe that to avoid further duplication, efforts by the World Bank Pandemic Fund should be harmonized with that of the Global Fund. The Global Fund has the experience, capacity, and existing architecture through which the WB-FIF can effectively channel funds for PPPR to low-and middle-income countries. In addition, the Global Fund’s partnership model is an attractive feature to both donors and recipients because it offers parity in decision making processes at the top, while also actively incorporating the input of various other key players at the country and local levels.



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