Pandemic Financing: Losing on All Fronts?

With a drop in government spending on preparedness and woefully inadequate donor pledges, how can the ambitious new commitments envisioned for a WHO Pandemic Accord ever be financed? This second issue of Governing Pandemics Snapshot, looks at this conundrum and possible solutions, including creative forms of debt relief for low-income nations.

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UN seeks changes in IMF, World Bank

The secretary-general of the United Nations is pressing for major changes in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

Antonio Guterres says the International Monetary Fund has benefited rich countries instead of poor ones. And he describes the IMF and World Bank ‘s response to the Covid-19 pandemic as a “glaring failure” that left dozens of countries deeply indebted.

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The New Pandemic Fund: Overview and Key Issues for the U.S.

In the wake of COVID-19, the world has a new global health, multilateral financing mechanism known as the Pandemic Fund. Based at the World Bank, and officially launched in November 2022, it is the first mechanism with the specific purpose of providing sustained financing to help countries build their capacity to prevent, prepare for, and respond to epidemics and pandemics.

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Advancing Equity in the Panemic Treaty

Soon after, or even before, North American and European regulatory agencies issued emergency authorizations for COVID-19 vaccines, high-income governments pre-purchased most of the world’s supply of these lifesaving medical products.

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Global Health Land Roundup: Pandemics, PEPFAR, and People

April is the cruelest month, wrote T.S. Eliot in his poem “The Waste Land”, published in 1922, not long after the 1918 influenza pandemic and World War I. More than a hundred years later, so too is the world coming to grips with the aftershocks of COVID-19, alongside the polycrisis of inflation, debt, food insecurity, climate change, and so on.

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